Privacy Policy

  1. “Amended on March 21, 2022”
  2. 1. General provisions.

    1. 1.1. The present Privacy Policy, hereinafter – “the Policy” of Herdel Serhii Viktorovych, a sole-proprietor registered and acting under the laws of the Ukraine, who is an owner (hereinafter – “the Administrator”) of mobile application for devices under the operating system iOS and/or Android “Dota Slash”, hereinafter – “the Game”, applies in respect of processing of personal data of users of the Game (hereinafter – “the Users”).
    2. By processing of personal data is meant any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed by means of automation tools or without such means with personal data including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modifying), extraction, use, transfer (including transfer to third parties, without excluding transborder transfer if necessary).
    3. 1.2. Any User’s information received by the Administrator is used solely for the purposes of rendering services related to the Game.
    4. 1.3. User’s authorization in the Game means User’s submission of unconditional consent with the present Policy and its specified conditions of processing his information. In case of disagreement with these conditions, the User should refrain from authorization in the Game and its further use..
    5. 1.4. The User should review this Policy before use of the Game or transfer to the Administrator User’s information.
  3. 2. User’s information received and processed by the Administrator.

    1. 2.1. By authorizing in the Game the User provides information posted on “public account” of this User in one of social medias Facebook ( and/or Vkontakte ( and/or Steam ( – hereinafter “the Sites”.
      1. 2.1.1. The list of the User’s data processed by the Administrator:
        1. • The User’s identification data (name, surname, “nickname” etc.) that the User specified upon registration on the Sites, year of birth, sex, profile picture, information about third parties, whose personal accounts are contained in tabs or “Friends” section on the Sites;
        2. • Information automatically transferred to the Administrator when using the Game on the User’s device in software, including IP address, cookie information, information about a country and/or a city of the User, access time to the Game.
    2. 2.2. The present Policy is applicable only to the Game. The Administrator does not control and is not responsible for the sites and software of third parties that the User may interact with by clicking the links in the Game and/or through which the User got access to the Game.
    3. 2.3. The Administrator does not verify the data provided by the User, and does not control his legal capacity. However, the Administrator presumes that the User provides true and sufficient information and keeps such information up to date.
    4. 2.4. In respect of the User’s personal data, its confidentiality is preserved, except where the User voluntarily provides personal information to the public access. The Administrator should not disclose User’s information to third parties without User’s consent, except for disclosing information by order of the court and/or law-enforcement agencies in accordance with the current law applicable to the Policy. When using the Game, the User agrees that a certain part of his personal information will be publicly available.
    5. 2.5. By accepting the conditions of the present Policy, the User accepts and confirms that by using the Sites for authorization he gives his consent to processing of his personal data both by the Administrator and such Sites; in case of services rendered to the User by Internet providers, mobile service providers or another resource on the Internet, whose services the User uses to gain access to the Game, he hereby gives consent to processing of his personal data by such above said persons as well.
  4. 3. Purposes of collection and processing Users’ personal data.

    1. 3.1. The Administrator uses information about the User for the following purposes:
      1. • identification of the User within the framework of participating in the Game and creating the User’s profile;
      2. • for analysis and research to improve the Game;
      3. • for newsletter and advertisement about products, services, special offers;
      4. • for sending any kind of messages (e.g. for disclosure of information about the User’s statistic in the Game);
      5. • for the prevention and exposure of fraud and illegal usage of the Game.
  5. 4. Conditions of processing of the Users’ personal data.

    1. 4.1. The Administrator uses the Users’ personal data only for the purposes and in accordance with the present Policy. In respect of personal data provided by the Users, its confidentiality is ensured.
    2. 4.2. The Administrator will not disclose to the third parties, distribute, sell, grant or otherwise dispose of the Users’ personal data, except for the purposes and means in accordance with the present Policy.
    3. 4.3. In case of processing Users’ personal data, the Administrator is governed by legislation in force of Ukraine.
  6. 5. Modification or removal of Users’ personal data.

    1. 5.1. Users’ personal data modifies in accordance with modification in user accounts of such Users on the Sites with the help of which they authorize in the Game. The Administrator does not modify personal data individually.
    2. 5.2. In case of deletion of User’s accounts on the Sites with the help of which they authorized, the profile of such User is removed along with the termination of access to the Game.
    3. 5.3. If required, the User can delete his profile in the Game by sending a notice to the Administrator’s email address: The Administrator should delete User’s profile in the Game during 5 (five) working days as from receiving a corresponding request from such User.
    4. 5.4. In case of deleting User’s profile in the Game, the Administrator shall not use personal data of such User as from deletion of his profile.
  7. 6. Rights and obligations of the User.

    1. 6.1. Rights of the User:
      1. • The User has the right to require rectification or destruction of personal data in the event that such personal data is incomplete, outdated, invalid, illegally obtained or not necessary for the stated purpose of processing, and take legal actions on protecting his rights;
      2. • The User has the right to receive an information about terms of processing his personal data, including its expiring term;
    2. 6.2. Obligations of the User:
      1. • Before authorization in the Game, the User shall review the conditions of the present Policy;
      2. • The User shall provide accurate, true personal data;
      3. The User shall regularly review the content of the present Policy.
  8. 7. Protection of User’s personal data.

    1. 7.1. The Administrator shall take the necessary and sufficient technical actions to protect the User’s personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as other illegal acts from third parties.
    2. 7.2. When authorizing in the Game the User allows the Administrator to transfer its data to third parties for the following purposes:
      1. • if such transfer is necessary within the framework of using functionality of the Game by the User;
      2. • if such transfer is required in accordance with the purposes of processing the User’s data;
      3. • due to the transfer of the Game to third parties, including the rights of it;
      4. • on request of the court or any authorized government body within the framework of legally established procedure;
      5. • for protection of the rights and interests of the Administrator in case of the violation by the User.
    3. 7.3. The Administrator shall not be responsible for any notice provided by the User when using the Game.
  9. 8. Cookies.

    1. 8.1. The Administrator may use «cookies». Cookies don’t contain any confidential information. Hereby the User gives his consent to collect, analyze and use cookies.
    2. 8.2. Any information collected by the Administrator through Cookies cannot be used for identification of the User.
    3. 8.3. The Administrator may use Cookies including but not limited for the purposes of controlling the use of the Game, collecting non-personal information, storage of preferences and other information on the User’s computer in order to save User’s time necessary for multiple introduction of the same information in the Game, and for the purposes of displaying the content of User’s following visit to the Game.
  10. 9. Introduction of amendments to the Policy.

    1. 9.1. The User recognizes and agrees that User’s authorization and the following use of the Game means full and unconditional consent with all clauses of the present Policy and acceptance of its conditions.
    2. 9.2. Continued Use of the Game by the User after any modifications to this Policy means his consent with such modifications and/or additions.
    3. 9.3. The User shall monitor the terms of this Policy in order to acquaint with its modifications.
    4. 9.4. The Administrator shall reserve the right to modify and/or supplement this Policy at any time and at his own discretion without any notices to the User. A new version of this Policy enters into force from the moment of its posting on the Service, unless otherwise provided in a new version of the Policy. The most recent edition of the Policy is available at the address: Privacy Policy.
  11. 10. Final provisions. Contact detail.

    1. 10.1. To the present Policy and the relationship between the Users and the Administrator arising from the application of the Policy the Ukrainian law shall apply.
    2. 10.2. All of the Users of the Game have an access to the present Policy without any exception.
    3. 10.3. The Administrator receives information about the User’s IP address that launched the Game. Such information is not used to identify the User.
    4. 10.4. In order to improve the performance the Administrator reserve the right to keep the log-files about User’s actions when using the Game during one year.