Application instructions of the Game

  1. “Amended on March 21, 2022”
  2. (I) The Game is a quiz between two and/or more users.
  3. (II) The action of the Game takes place in real-time mode on the Internet. Any user in order to participate in the Game should have a device under the operating system iOS and/or Android and connection to the Internet.
  4. (III) In order to participate You have to download and install the Game on your mobile device by way of digital market Google Play Market or Apple App Store, launch the Game on your mobile device, authorize in accordance with the paragraph 3 of the present Terms, press the “PLAY” button in the interface of the Game, after which you will be provided to choose between two versions of the Game: with random user or Your friend from Your friends list in social media from the Sites (according to the paragraph 3.1. of the present Terms), if You will give the permission to the Administrator to have an access to your friends list. Therein, your opponent, whether it is another user or Your friend, also should have the Game installed on his mobile device, launch the Game, authorize according to the paragraph 3 of the present Terms and click the “PLAY” button in the interface of the Game.
  5. (IV) The Users connect to virtual room created by one of the users in the Game. When all users are ready (readiness is defined by the connection of users' devices in the virtual room in the Game), the Game session starts and on the screen of Your device, You will see a question that You and other users of a particular Game session may answer. The Game session continues for 5 rounds: 1 round = 1 question. Duration of one round is 10 seconds. Each user that participates in the corresponding game session is awarded a certain amount of points for the correct answer. The Users that participate in the corresponding Game session and answered incorrectly or didn`t answer questions are not awarded game points. The points are awarded in the following order: for every correct answer, the user gets 1 (one) point. Before the end of the Game session, neither You nor any other user can leave the virtual room of the Game session, besides forced closure of the Game. When the Game session is forcibly terminated by way of complete closing of the Game and unloading the Game from the operating memory of the mobile device, the result of the Game session including the number of points scored during the interrupted Session, is not saved. When the User is disconnected from the Game session due to technical reasons on the part of the User (interruptions or lack of connection to the Internet), such User shall be counted as a defeat in the Game session and points from his rating are excluded.
  6. (V) After the end of all questions, the Game session is terminated, the virtual room is disconnected and all users participating in the session are given the result of the current Game session - on the screens of each user's mobile devices the number of points awarded to each user is displayed. The winner of the Game session is the user that gained the highest points for the corresponding Game session. According to the results of the finished Game session the Administrator awards the winner from 10 to 50 rating points, the loser – extracts from 10 to 50 rating points. The number of awarded and/or extracted rating points is determined by the Administrator. Users can see the final table with points for participating in the Game session in the special menu item named “RATING”.
  7. (VI) The Users can see the history of their results of participation in the Game with any user in the Profile by clicking the button named “HISTORY”.
  8. (VII) In the Game, user ratings are generated and ranked by points in the ranking by seasons, which indicate the information for the previous calendar month. 1 (one) season = 1 (one) calendar month. Points of the rating for the previous season cannot be transferred to the following seasons.
  9. (VIII) All users are assigned with a conditional rank in the Game, depending on the amount of participation in the Games sessions. Ranks do not affect the possibility of using the Game and are an informational supplement to the Game.
  10. (IX) All capitalized words and/or phrases, which are used in these Application instructions of the Game, shall be interpreted in accordance with the Terms of Service.